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Cell mountain bikes, like all of our bikes, are designed right in Australia. We have an in-house engineer who designs all of our best Cell Bike models to meet the strictest quality control standards.

When you ride a Cell Bike, you are riding our commitment to quality and excellence which is backed up with our lifetime frame warranty against defects. Ride with confidence and the knowledge that you are riding one of the best Australian mountain bikes at an affordable price.

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Mountain Bikes

Cell Awaba 2.0


Cell Awaba 1.0


Cell Rockdale 2.0


RRP: $579.00

Save 5%


Progear Beefy 24 Inch Fat Bike


RRP: $599.00

Save 12%

Out of Stock

XDS Sundance


RRP: $699.00

Save 43%


Cell MTX-1D Mountain Bike

Sold Out!