Cycling Computer- Our TOP Bike Computers

Bicycle computers provide you with information about your trip and/or fitness training program such as distance, speed, average speed, cadence, heart rate, rate of ascent or descent, altitude and more, which make them necessary for fitness training, touring, commuting and racing.

Some computers will even have GPS. Older bike computers will have a sensor that is attached to the wheel, newer models are wireless with data being via satellite. category banner
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Cycling Computer- Our TOP Bike Computers

Magellan Cyclo 500 GPS Computer


RRP: $379.95

Out of Stock

Garmin Edge 510 GPS Performance Bundle Cycle Computer


RRP: $449.95

Save 18%

Out of Stock

Garmin Edge 810 Performance and Navigation Bundle Version


RRP: $699.95

Save 22%

Out of Stock

PRO Digi-5ive 5 Function Wired Computer


RRP: $35.00

Save 29%


Bryton Cadence & Speed Sensor


RRP: $79.95

Save 5%


Bryton Computer Mount for Rider 30/35


RRP: $19.95

Save 25%

Bryton Rider 50 T ANT+ GPS Cycle Computer With Cadence & HR


RRP: $499.00

Save 38%

Out of Stock